RBM offers an extensive range of material handling equipment, available in diverse sizes to accommodate almost any production requirement. This equipment can be supplied as a stand alone piece or several can be integrated into a complete system. We utilize the "Building Block" approach, wherein individual standard pieces of equipment can be built into an integrated system quickly and economically with a minimum of engineering.
Belt Conveyors Horizontal En Mass Storage Systems
For transportation and inspection of a wide variety of materials.
Belt type horizontal surge storage systems for non free flowing materials.
Overlapping Bucket Elevators Bin Storage Systems
For the horizontal and vertical transportation of material.
For free flowing materials, sanitary design with automated infeed and withdrawal systems.
Vibrating Feeders

Take-Away Conveyors & Pack-Off Tables

Efficient electro magnetically controlled variable feed rates to use and process points.
For manual package collating at packaging machine discharges.
Vibrating Conveyors Structural Support
Suitable for material conveying and simultaneously performing process function.
Standard scale platforms to suit most scale and packaging machine combinations, mezzanines and support steel.
Modular Vibrating Distribution Systems Electrical Controls
For the distribution of material of multiple use points on demand from one source, without return; a total absorption system.
Equipment and systems controls built in accordance with domestic and foreign standards and codes.

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